The Problem of Free Porn

Porn addiction has become serious problem with the recent rise in porn videos all because of the internet. You see even though in theory the increase in free porn online is in essence a good thing its consequences are deep and not always visible at first. You see the first problem is the obvious porn addiction. People slowly get addicted to watching porn more and more often until one day you realize that the only thing you doo online is watching porn, talking about porn, and of course sharing porn. Not so long ago it was a taboo to watch porn and then it had the sweet taste of the guilty pleasure but now, well now it’s perfectly normal to spend the entire day watching porn. It happened to me, before I knew it I was hooked to porn hub and just like all those people hooked onto the social networking I was hooked to porn.


I was frightened even once I realized that I actually need to watch porn. And the worst part is that I am not the only one that had felt that. The other problem is that porn is now a day’s very available. My point is that a few years back you needed to surf for a long time on the World Wide Web before you can find some porn. Now it’s right around the corner so to speak. Usually all it takes to get to even the sickest porn is two or three clicks away with your mouse. Even thought it made watching porn easier for us, it also made it easier for children to accidently find some porn. And with the number of porn sites growing every minute it’s very hard for parents to block and keep track of all of the sites. But all of these problems are irrelevant in the eyes of the public because we have free porn. And that is all that matters isn’t that right? Wrong I tell you. Even If we say that porn is the most important thing for a teenage boy that doesn’t mean that it should be right there for the picking. And now it is.


Those are the problems of free porn that must be addressed in the nearest future, if not for us then for our children.When the time is right then they will know what there is to know. Why ruin their childhood now with the images that not appropriate for them. But there is another obstacle on this path. You see the internet is like a being of its own and so it doesn’t falls on any relevant laws regarding this topic, and until the internet is placed under boundaries then there is no chance to regulate porn online. So you see why I am so concerned. I am really hoping that more people start thinking like me because the rise in awareness for the problem is the first step towards solution. Even thought I think that watching porn online is great some rules must be set.